Project Partners

Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Department of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO) has its origins in the traditions and methodology developed in the Danish agriculture, forestry and food production sectors, in which the close consultative relationships developed between the private sector, public authorities and research institutions contributed significantly to positive outcomes.

Contact Person:
Søren Marcus Pedersen

Agricultural System Engineering, Agroscope, Switzerland

Agroscope is the Swiss centre of excellence for agricultural research, and is affiliated with the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG). Agroscope makes an important contribution to a sustainable agriculture and food sector as well as to an intact environment, thereby contributing to an improved quality of life.

Contact person:
Thomas Anken

Department of Agricultural Science, University of Bologna, Italy

The Department of Agricultural Sciences “DipSA” of the University of Bologna was founded in 2012 through the merge of nine scientific bodies of the Faculty of Agriculture: the Department of Agronomy, the Department of Agronomy the Institute of Plant Pathology, the Institute of Agricultural Chemistry, the Institute of Agricultural Microbiology and the Institute of Entomology.

Contact person:
Maurizio Canavari