Project deliverables

WP1. Taxonomy and review of PA technologies
Del.1.1. List of PATs at current and prototype with their technical and environmental performanceM10
Del.1.2. List of PA technologies suitable for specific locations, specific cropping and farming systemsΜ10
WP2 Evaluation of financial performance and risk analysis
Del.2.1. Taxonomy of PATs and their potential financial performance on selected farming systemsM16
Del.2.2. Taxonomy of PA technologies and their risk associated with different cropping and farming systemsM21
WP3 Evaluation of strategic impact
Del.3.1. Definition of different evolutionary scenarios for agricultural business modelsM16
Del.3.2. Set of decision trees for different business contextsM21
WP4 Evaluation of the effects on field operations
Del.4.1. Development of an economic PA assessment procedure at operational case farm levelM20
Del.4.2. Evaluation of VRA and CTF activities during real-life experimentsM25
WP5 Evaluation of environmental and social impact
Del.5.1. Development of an environmental and social index for various PA applicationsM20
Del.5.2. Environmental and social assessment on selected case-farms M25
WP6 Web-app development and methodology validation
Del6.1. Development of the PAMCoBA web-app prototypeM30
Del6.2. Validation of the web-app with farmersM36
WP7 Adoption, Exploitation, and Dissemination
Del.7.1. Adoption and Exploitation PlanΜ12
Del.7.2. Dissemination PlanΜ12
WP8 Project Management
Del8.1. Project consortium agreement according to DESCA 2020Μ02
Del8.2. Project management collaborative workspaceΜ03
Del8.3. Preparation of midterm and final reportsΜ18, Μ36
Del8.4. Organisation of project and steering committee meetings and preparation of minutesΜ12, Μ24, Μ36